Chairman Message

Dear Customers and Business Partners

Since inception in the year 2005, PAN ASIA LINE's growth has been stable and steady.

The stable growth and sustainability of our company is attributed to :

  • Strong core values of honesty and integrity, in all our interactions internally and externally.
  • Warm and healthy relationship with our business partners through trust and mutual respect.
  • Customer Centric approach to business coupled with our internal policy of "Say what can do and do what you say". As an honest service provider to our customer, We do not overpromise or under-deliver in our services to our customers, resulting in long term customer loyalty and retention.
  • Most important strength of our organization our excellent team members, at various locations, with a strong sense of ownership, teamwork, sincerity and honesty

As is the case with all operators big and small, our company has gone through it's share of ups and downs, during the major and minor recessions in the shipping industry caused by global economic downturn, over the past 10 plus years.

PAN ASIA LINE has always taken pride in continually adapting the range of services to suit both market conditions as well as customer requirements.

As one of the initiatives, a little less than a year ago,  PAN ASIA LINE has added a brand new fleet to Reefer Containers to cater to the customers shipping refrigerated cargoes, within this region.

Many of the PAN ASIA LINE's partnerships with it's overseas agents have lasted for a very long time, due to impeccable trust, and mutual respect.

In a similar vein, PAN ASIA LINE has probably the longest employee retention levels, when compared to it's peers, because the company has always treated it's team members with love, respect, trust and encouraged a strong sense of ownership.

For now and the future, our strong focus will be customized solutions will drive the development of our logistics offerings. In addition to providing industry-specific solutions, we will expand our range of 3PL services across the region.

Last but not least, I extend my sincere gratitude to our customers, business partners and team members, for their trust and valuable contribution.

Your support as our customer, combined with our capabilities make us confident to steam ahead. We look forward to partnering with you and acting as an extension of your business.

With best wishes

Capt Achanta Sivakumar

Chairman and Managing Director